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Aqua Natal

Swimming Lessons For Pregnant Mothers

Aqua Natal Swimming Classes

Here at Fareham Swim School we offer fantastic aqua natal services for women during their pregnancy, whatever trimester you are in we have a wonderful aqua natal class to suit you.

Our professionally trained aqua natal teachers are all accredited by the Royal College of Midwives Trust, giving them the skill and expertise to guide mums to be through a fun, informative course that is designed with a holistic approach to your physical and mental wellbeing.

Attending our classes whilst pregnant gives your baby a great head start in their own swimming journey as they will be used to the feelings and sounds of the pool, helping them to feel relaxed if you take them swimming in our programmed parent and baby swim classes, available from birth. You will also receive a complimentary lesson as a bonus for joining our aqua natal group courses.

Aqua natal exercise combines the therapeutic properties of the water with unique techniques and moves to work the whole body in a holistic manor. In comparison to land exercise, it is far safer for mother and foetus to exercise in the water.


For our rainbow mums, we know how hard pregnancy after loss can be, so we are able to provide either a specific Rainbow group or 1:1 sessions, depending on what you need. Please ask one of our members of the team about rainbow options.


Swimming is one of the safest ways to exercise during pregnancy, the water supports you whilst also providing resistance work for you muscles, helping to strengthen your core ready for carrying baby!


Classes take place in our warm, clean, private pool and our Aqua Natal Specialist teacher combines exercise with relaxation activities - the perfect way to destress and enjoy some time to focus on your growing needs. Exercise and relaxation have been shown to increase the body's natural endorphins, which helps suppress pain helping you and baby feel calm and relaxed, during pregnancy and labour.

  • Improves ability to cope with the stress of delivery
  • Quicker post-natal recovery
  • Reduced risk for medical conditions
  • Decreases pregnancy tiredness
  • Helps regulate digestion
  • Prepares body for demand of labour
  • Helps maintain constant blood glucose levels
  • Assists venous return which also helps alleviate oedema
  • Increases blood flow & oxygen up-take to both mother & baby
  • Helps reduce pregnancy-associated long-term memory impairment
  • Increases cardiovascular strength
  • Increases muscular strength & endurance
  • Improves pregnancy posture
  • Reduces backache
  • A time to socialise and make friends with people at the same stage of life as you
  • Mental health benefits - for pre & post-natal


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