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Swimming Confidence Classes

Swimming Lessons in Fareham

Swimming Confidence Classes Fareham

£61 per month

One on one swimming lessons to improve confidence and comfort in the water.

Our confidence lessons are taught on a 1-on-1 basis and are tailor made to the swimming student, prices start from £15

This is the perfect solution for any toddler or child that hates swimming or is frightened of the water. No matter what the reason, be it a bad experience, a learnt behaviour, or a built in dislike of baths/showers/pools or swimming teachers!

We have a proven track record of helping children of all ages experience the joy of swimming.

Call or email us today, we can discuss your fears and needs, then start to devise a swimming lesson plan to help you and your child get over any worries with water and make bath times easier.

Please note our main childrens' swimming classes: mother and baby swimming classes, parent and toddler swimming lessons and childrens' swimming classes.

We also provide adult swimming lessons - with over a third of adults in Britain being non swimmers, our quick and easy residential and intensive swim courses are growing in popularity. So, whether you are terrified of water or just need to brush up on your technique, we are here to help you. Full details on our sister site.


We're in West Street, Fareham
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01329 802 208


Please call us to book or ask any further questions you may have.

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