Mother and Baby Swimming Classes in Fareham

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Swim Babies Fareham

Swimming Lessons For Babies and Mothers in Fareham

Swim Babies Fareham

£55 per month

Parent and baby swimming classes - suitable for babies aged from 2 weeks - 18 months.

Whether you're a mum, dad, grandparent or carer you will love the baby swimming classes we provide at Fareham Swim School, that's because we only use beautiful, well heated private pools so that we can offer an experience very different from your local public swimming baths.

Our main priority is that you and baby are relaxed and happy, so that all our babies love being in the water. Giving you the best possible experience from the start.

During your lesson, there is a maximum of just 5 babies per class, making the whole experience very calm and quiet. Our lessons are based on water safety, movement and play. We will teach you how to hold your baby, so that they learn all about their own buoyancy very early on. Older babies will start to learn how to be safe in and around water, learning how to float if they fall in, how to turn around under water and look for the wall and how to swim under water to and from their helper. This gives them the best start when learning to enjoy the water.

For most babies being in the water is a relaxing and comforting experience. Babies have a natural ability in water that can be encouraged from an early age, giving them the confidence and skills to love the water and become a confident swimmer in later life.

Badges, certificate and stickers are worked towards weekly.

Please note that we never use armbands in any of our lessons, it's just not needed!

Our other childrens' swimming classes are: parent and toddler swimming lessons and childrens' swimming classes.


We're in West Street, Fareham
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01329 802 208


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