Parent and Toddler Swimming Lessons in Fareham

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Swim Toddlers

Swimming Lessons For Toddlers in Fareham

Swim Toddlers

£55 per month

Parent and toddler swimming classes are suitable for children aged from 18 months to 4yrs 6mths.

In our beautiful private pools, we offer parents and toddlers a chance to experience swimming lessons with a difference.

Having a great time and learning all about being safe in the water is so important when your just starting out in life, toddlers love exploring what they can do and with a little encouragement and guidance from experienced swimming teachers, a lot can be achieved at this age! These swimming classes are a wonderful way for you and your toddler to enjoy the water together.

Emphasis is based on learning through play and water safety which will build your toddlers confidence in a teacher lead lesson, preparing them for the move to swimming lessons without their parent in the pool later on.

Badges, certificate and stickers are worked towards weekly.

Each class has a maximum of 5 toddlers and parents making the whole experience very personal and calm.

Parent and toddler swimming classes are now available throughout the day Monday - Sunday.

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